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Sayanim out n force to help Nutanyahoo Against Obama for the Snub

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 22436160
United States
09/15/2012 12:25 AM
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Sayanim out n force to help Nutanyahoo Against Obama for the Snub
Obama snubbed Natanyahoo a few days ago and did not want to meet him and hear his constant droning about America attacking Iran for his his shi$$y lil terror state of israel. so the nutcase returns to Palestine and asks Mossad to put the plan in action.

[link to gulfnews.com]

[link to www.haaretz.com]

The snub meant that there was no chance of Americans dying for Arrogant supremacist jewish people sitting on someone else's land.

In effect, that means the zionist nazis willl actually have to learn to get along with neighbors!! What a concept!

Using Wahhabi, i.e. Salafi, agents on rent from the Saudi Regime and other Arab police states, plus the prepared film, they go to work.

the give away, if u have eyes to see are the plethora of online threads trying to capitalize on the Middle East Protests to force Obama's hand.

Simple really...if you are truly saved.

Stay safe and don't give your heart to evil people. They will break it.