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The Simple Reason Why Fundamentalist Muslims Hate America

Doc SavageModerator
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United States
09/15/2012 06:17 PM

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The Simple Reason Why Fundamentalist Muslims Hate America
The reason fundamentalist muslims hate America really IS simple.

Fundamentalist Muslims have a JEALOUS hatred of us. They're jealous of our freedom, our wealth; even the poor among us are better off than most of them. And they're even jealous of the way differing religious faiths are tolerated here, despite their "we are the only religion" nonsense.

In muslim countries, people try to put on a brave face, but the truth is that they're constantly beaten down with depressing rules, rules and more rules. And God help you if you break any rules: you get whipped, raped, mutilated or executed. Remember a few weekends ago in Afghanistan? The Taliban beheaded 17 people -- including two women -- ONLY because they went to a party where they listened to music and danced together. Try being happy living under THAT kind of constant oppression.

Fundamentalist muslims would love to be able to live like Americans. They're not stupid, and they're not cut off from the West, either. They see our media -- our movies, TV shows and magazines. You think a fundamentalist muslim woman sees a picture of an American woman wearing an attractive dress and DOESN'T wish she could dress like that too, instead of having to wear a black body wrap all the time? Why do so many fundamentalist muslim men go around having sex with litle boys, even when the laws demand death for engaging in homosexual sex acts? Because they're indoctrinated to believe that sex is dirty and must be repressed. And yet, a muslim man can have sex with his dead spouses' corpse if he wants to (it's kind of like "normal" sex is bad, but for weird, kinky sex, many muslims will look the other way).

Fundamentalist muslims would love to have freedom. But since they don't, they DESPISE anyone who does. All this "how-dare-you-offend-Allah" crap is secondary at best. The REAL reason they hate us is ENVY. They envy us SO much, it's become homicidal -- "If WE can't have what you have, then DEATH to you!!!" And they use "kill the infidel" as a religious cover for their envy.

How do you reason with that kind of insane mindset? You can't.

All we can do is defend ourselves, as individuals and as a nation. And stop letting them get away with picking Americans off a few at a time. Of course, they'll continue doing that as long as Obama remains in office. They KNOW he'll do nothing to stop them.