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Message Subject Could the Rapture happen in 2012.mp4
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

I sincerely am saddened not only by your Hate but most importantly, your misunderstanding. You see, mankind CANNOT save itself. It is ONLY through the saving grace of Jesus Christ / ALL OF MANKIND Creator... who can & Will. Though a large part of civilization is ignorant of (which means: ignoring of the facts) nature of WHY we are here and the importance placed on that we understand it. The purpose dear one is far from being mortal it is the understanding of our TRUE Spirituality. When we understand the SPIRITUAL nature of ourselves then we need to find the Truth of this nature and move beyond the numerous deceptions which are created so that we are displaced or removed from our TRUE CREATOR. We are to find and maintain its true intent and in the end, if we persevere... have eternal life.

Your commentary suggests (sadly) that you have not reached this level of understanding as you maintain your identity to ONLY your carnal self. My best advice sir/ma'am is to find it QUICKLY!!! The clock has about run its course.

christians who follow God's devine appointments (feasts) always watch the feast of trumpets. the day no man knows.

thanks for thebumpaussie.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23174997


All you christians ever want to do is GET OUT of here..FUCK helping and loving people like Jesus commanded..you all just want to run away while the ones you are SUPPOSED to love BUUUUUIRN..and ya could not give a FLYING FUCK..cause all you lot care about is YOURSELVES and saving your OWN ASS.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 16740668
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