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Message Subject BREAKING: Motion for Detention of "President" Tim Turner
Poster Handle TWC
Post Content
You moron's
A fictitious bond? If it is fictitious how does our banks pay off a new loan every time a new loan is created, you moron's. SO how can he be arrested for using his real bond that is in his name. Everyone has this bond. We are not spose to use it, even though it's in our name. It's traded daily and someone gains from it when you die. This can not be so they are stopping you if you try. If they can not arrest you they will always get you by tax evasion or any other trumped up charges that they want to get you by. They will find a way to get you no matter if you were GOD. Except in the end GOD would get them back. People are saying the De Jure is a joke. That's how this country was founded on. The real court system. De Jure, Common law. A real law and not this fake De Facto crap that is all courts today which is a corporation and under maritime law.
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