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pro chronon aionion

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09/22/2012 10:21 AM
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pro chronon aionion
2 Timothy 1:9 is a passage which alludes to an upper-world, beyond-time setting for the redeeming act: "Godís grace was given to us in Christ Jesus pro chronon aionionóbefore the beginning of time..." Knowledge of it has only now been brought to light by the revelation of the savior Jesus Christ (verse 10).

The meaning of that Greek phrase is another much-debated item, but it would seem to be an attempt to convey that Christís redeeming act took place outside the normal boundaries of time and space, in an upper Platonic realm of God.

( [link to jesuspuzzle.humanists.net]

Christ has also been referred to as Derdekeas. Consider this passage from the paraphrase of Shem ( [link to www.gnosis.org] This is the prayer of Derdekeas to the infinite Light.

"Thou art the root of the Light. Thy hidden form has appeared, O exalted, infinite one. May the whole power of the Spirit spread and may it be filled with its light, O infinite Light. (Then) he (the Darkness) will not be able to join with the unbegotten Spirit, and the power of the Aston­ishment will not be able to mix with Nature. According to the will of the Majesty," my prayer was accepted."

The 'Spirit' are members of the unbegotten Spirit (us). You would have to fully read the paraphrase of shem to put it into context.

Could this prayer be the redeeming act that 2 Timothy 1:9 refers to?
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