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Message Subject Moshiach (The 'Annointed One') Peers Through the Lattice
Poster Handle Uncle Mikey
Post Content
I should mention that most of my research is influenced and backed up by my favorite Pastor... Mike Hoggard.

You're not really seeing "Uncle Mikey's Revelations" so much as you are simply seeing Scripture at work.

In fact, I'm bummed I forgot to post his analysis on the Olympics.

Fast Forward to 40:00 to see some good points on the Olympics...

Some neat things he taught...

*) Illuminati Pyramid on Dollar has 72 bricks.

*) 72 Bricks are like the Nations of the World.

*) Once the 'Bricks' (made of clay like people) come together, we will have the NWO.

Note that the Masonic Trowel is 'Iron'... mixed with 'Clay' as they build their NWO.

Iron and clay don't mix.

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