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Message Subject stop the nobody threads.. dude lost it..
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Cold days are next door. Cold days, dark nights. Lots of candles to light, I love candles, warm lights.

The evening is the best time to meditate, no reason more to rush, all are at home and none expects from me. 4 salt stones with candles within to purify the environment. North, south, east, west. A circle made with gemstones. Out of the circle remain day life concerns. Within the circle is only me... within the circle IS me. Slowly breath in, breath out, I feel the void, I feel at peace. I am balance. Nothing to bother me. In these moments of pure loneliness are the moments of pure bliss. The times you remember home..in fact you never left home. You always brought home with you, being to distracted to even regard. Do you see the stars at night, isn't it beautiful. Didn't you stop in awe in a sunset, when you wanted to close the blinds for the night, always pushing back the moment of cutting this from your life?

The world is beautiful. YOU are beautiful. Never let them take this away from you.
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