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Message Subject Fruit from the Tree of Knowledge(Gnosis) & End Times Deception-That old serpent-(Kundalini) was cast down to Earth with his angels and they dece
Poster Handle Aikan
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Fruit from the Tree of Knowledge(Gnosis) & End Times Deception-"That old serpent-(Kundalini) was cast down to Earth with his angels and they deceiveth the whole world.
open chakras in English Gematria Equals:666,as Does Ajna Eye Open, as Does Akhenaten Obama.I am convinced that the mark spoken of in the Bible is dual, the one in the hand being a microchip and the one in the forhead being an open third eye, represented by the snake on the forhead of the bust of the Pharoahs Sarcophagus. Hence"And the whole worldworshipped his image"Rev 13:8 of "the beast who was, is not, and yet will come"Rev 17:8 which fits with the theory of Obama being A clone of Akhenaten.

Interestingly enough Phillip K Dick states in one of his books "Our world is still secretly ruled by the hidden race descended from Ikhnaton, and his knowledge is the information of the Macro-Mind(THIRD EYE) itself." And he also states that an open third eye is the gateway to immortality,which we know is a lie but that is part of the delusion that comes with doing that. "Entry 48. ON OUR NATURE.It is proper to say: we appear to be memory coils (DNA carriers capable of experience) in a computer

thinking system which, although we have correctly recorded and stored thousands of years of experiential information, and each of us possesses somewhat different deposits from all the other life forms, there is a malfunction-a failure-of memory retrieval. There lies the trouble in our particular subcircuit. "Salvation" through gnosis-more properly anamnesis (the loss of amnesia)- although it has individual significance for each of us-a quantum leap in perception, identity, cognition,

understanding, world- and self-experience, including immortality- it has greater and further importance
for the system as a whole, inasmuch as these memories are data needed by it and valuable to it, to its
overall functioning. Therefore it is in the process of self-repair, which includes: rebuilding our subcircuit via linear and orthogonal time changes, as well as continual signaling to us to stimulate blocked memory banks within us to fire and hence retrieve what is there.

The external information or gnosis, then, consists of disinhibiting instructions, with the core content actually intrinsic to us-that is, already there (first observed by Plato; viz: that learning is a form of remembering). The ancients possessed techniques (sacraments and rituals) used largely in the Greco-Roman mystery religions, including early Christianity, to induce firing and retrieval, mainly with a sense of its restorative value to the individuals; the Gnostics,

however, correctly saw the ontological value to what
they called the Godhead Itself, the total entity.
The Godhead is impaired; some primordial crisis occurred in it which we do not understand."
 Quoting: Forbiden Knowledge bad fruit 12741817

>there is nothing wrong with the godhead. this is what was recieved: "I've got a couple of flys here, I need you to help me with"

there is nothing wrong with the godhead.

And I am not a christian..


on a separate note, its best if you do not mix snake and serpent all of the time, with gnostic/telestei..
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