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Message Subject Fruit from the Tree of Knowledge(Gnosis) & End Times Deception-That old serpent-(Kundalini) was cast down to Earth with his angels and they dece
Poster Handle curiousleo74
Post Content
Fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil was not cast down from above to earth.

It was planted here by the Lord God before the world fell into the sin of partaking of its fruits.

When they did indeed partake of the fruits of it they took into them selves its seed that lies in the fruit.

And so all men have this same state of flesh that sin and the seed of it lies in. Man begat man and all men are liars.

and God's Word Truth.

It is for us to choose the good and not the evil and there is but One Good and that is The Lord our God. And His Word is The truth. The Tree and its fruit of Life and liberty free from sin and its end which is death.

There is but one Spirit that is Good and the spirit is God who is that Holy Spirit the Holy Ghost.

Man cannot see this Spirit in the way it comes or goes all men can see is the evidences which are its effects and some times in the past manifestations of fire whirlwind smoke...on and on.

there is but One all powerful and One Spirit that is Good and that is the Spirit of God that Holy Spirit of God even that Holy Ghost that is of God.

For if I am here a live in my form of man a living man of flesh vessel...you will not see me sitting here typing this reply while my Ghost it standing beside me..

I would have to leave the seen and be unseen in this flesh man as a living man of flesh.

No man has power over God nor can man move as man wants and desires.....no man can do anything of himself.

God does as God sees fit and by His own will purpose and plans all is by Him through Him and for His will and purpose ...not be men and theirs.

Any man who thinks He can remove the knowledge of good and evil from earth thinks he can remove what God Himself placed..........and that man will fail only God can remove such as God placed.

Is there any evil then we how know not evil or good because we are blind and dead in sin....can know this only by and through the knowledge of God that has been given unto us through His Spirit inspiration through the men God chose and used to bring this Word to us and in Written form.

So we go and search the scriptures the Bible to prove all evil and good lie or truth right or wrong.

Mans understanding and truth is insufficient unto other men.
As being the truth that defines all evil and good.
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