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Message Subject Fruit from the Tree of Knowledge(Gnosis) & End Times Deception-That old serpent-(Kundalini) was cast down to Earth with his angels and they dece
Poster Handle Aikan
Post Content
>there is nothing wrong with the godhead. this is what was recieved: "I've got a couple of flys here, I need you to help me with"

there is nothing wrong with the godhead.

And I am not a christian..


on a separate note, its best if you do not mix snake and serpent all of the time, with gnostic/telestei..
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 11786928

>Couple flys? Your God needs your help to off some "flys"? Is that what you're saying?

yes, this is cynicism, sarcasm. if you believe this was god talking to me, then what it is saying is that he controls everything. do I believe this? what I believe is the nag hammadi codecs, in that there is a vast disconnect between what created us and that it may not even be possible to 'talk' to ... for us to talk to... it/them/her ...

that, in fact, the 'Archon' was talking to me, he is correct in that the creator 'godhead' is in complete control. 'Archon' thinks that he created.. he did not..

>What is telestei?

this is the gnostics.. who wrote the nag hammadi codecs
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