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Message Subject Fruit from the Tree of Knowledge(Gnosis) & End Times Deception-That old serpent-(Kundalini) was cast down to Earth with his angels and they dece
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Why attach to Christ? By creating a savior you create a devil. Once you are enlightened you see Lucifer is nothing more than god reflecting to enjoy himself. Perhaps you are actually illuminati trying to give us complex misinformation to lead us away from individuation and enlightenment, but when seeing in unity you can only lead to enlightenment. Once you are enlightened you see there is no good/bad or right/wrong, it is all one and we must soon realize this. Lucifer exists so spirit can live out all possibilities, he is a bodhisattva who takes the greatest suffering upon himself, descent from god, to make his own return to god more rewarding. Lucifer is nothing but your own ego and God is realization. Doubts, fears, and projections. Lucifer is truly manipulating you if you cannot see he is part of unity. Of course I truly follow the zen path and see no truth, what I have said is no more true then what you have said because our tools of relative measure are empty. kundalini is not the truth but it is one way that the energy of oneness with all things manifests.

And what you said about "making sure your light is not darkness" means not creating your enlightenment as a lie because this will only bring suffering.
 Quoting: Amitabha

makes no sense. reality- THERE IS AN ULTIMATE. AND YO GOT IT ALL WRONG THINKING you can make your own. Kundalini is a demon parasite leaching off of your soul. It feels good does doesnt it? Yeah that is dark energy. !! Enjoy it while it last or consider 2 chronicles 33 and this threads initial perspective.
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