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Message Subject Fruit from the Tree of Knowledge(Gnosis) & End Times Deception-That old serpent-(Kundalini) was cast down to Earth with his angels and they dece
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This poster is a Jew shill keeping you from activating your DNA. Kundalini energy rises at the base of the spine once you are in harmony with yourself and god and activates your third eye, penal gland, raises your frequency and vibration. THIS IS THE KNOWLEDGE THEY KEEP FROM YOU! Dont believe a word, it is not evil, it is the fullfilment of your potential, Ancient pharos had it, you can have it too. You will be able to see auras, how we are connected through energy and GOD. Please help yourself Dont listen to these deceiving confusing Shills! All your confusion and suffering will end if you try to see it within yourself. God Bless, God Speed.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 16805036

It is the "knowledge" that led to mankind's downfall through disobedience. . It is the "knowledge" that makes one feel as if THEY ARE GOD. Once a person in a leadership or influential position succumbs to this, he begins to make life and death decisions regarding others. He begins to speak of euthanasia, eugenics, population reduction, 'human resource management', genetic manipulation etc because he begins to ACT as a "god" thinking that HE knows best. We all know where this type of deception leads - tyranny and dictatorship.

Jesus said that what was, will be again. Today I look around at the public displays of the serpent and his minions stamping their marks over everything, and nonstop promoting of "secret knowledge" as the path to enlightenment. It truly is Adam and Eve all over again. The propaganda and indoctrination going on to convince our children that sodomy is "cool and hip" and "normal" is but a ruse and deception, for ritual sodomy is used to "enlighten" the base chakra. We have no understanding of the dangers that our own "leaders and teachers" are placing us in, and we have no understanding of the constant and subtle imagery of sodomy that they are placing everywhere for us to ingest.

Our Creator is Truth, and yet millions now believe that He hid the keys up the anus - an orifice for the passing of excrement. They are so warped in their thinking that they cannot see the ludicrousness of this idea, and because the serpent has made it soooooo attractive, they believe him.

Every person needs to read the Sodomite Gateway series which shows the subtle and constant imagery that we are exposed to on a daily basis that is nothing but propaganda and indoctrination for these sodomites. People have been taught that evolution is fact and as such, millions now believe that an "upgrade" will be the next step in human evolution - little do they understand what this upgrade will be. It's the promise from every New Age religion, secret societies, Freemasonry, Kabalism, occultism and even contained in the President of Iran's UN speech the other week - the blending of science and religion which will bring a state of "enlightenment" to the world. No thanks, for I can see the fruits of it in these wicked leaders.

A God of Truth didn't hide the keys to His Kingdom at the base of the spine, only to be accessed by a penis stuck up a shithole. People that believe that seriously need to examine the mental well-being of those who are teaching and pushing it on us. The serpent is a liar and murderer from the beginning, and brings death, degradation and misery to those who reject the simple gospel message of the Kingdom of Heaven.
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