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Message Subject Fruit from the Tree of Knowledge(Gnosis) & End Times Deception-That old serpent-(Kundalini) was cast down to Earth with his angels and they dece
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Don't hang this on the Gnostics. The elites have been hiding behind gnostic beliefs for centuries. Your religion...they created it,

All I hear Christians do is hate the gays. The chakras are just a meditative way of dealing with personal struggles and finding peace.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 24302912

The Simplicity of The gospel has put to shame the wisdom of this world, and those with "hidden/forbidden/occult knowledge" will be confounded at the end of this life. If you think you have to seek hidden knowledge to become enlightened you
are being led into darkness. Children understand the gospel of Christ and we must return to that state of being to enter into the kindgom of Heaven. Christ said in Matthew 10:27
" What I tell you in the dark, speak in the daylight; what is whispered in your ear, proclaim from the roofs"..... Esoterics, and the whole lot of occult material will burn you in the end. Out of about 500 people in my friends list, I know there has to be a few out there who need to hear this... Consider how the Most High Delt with Mannasah and if you have been playing or dabbling in the occult, I would advise paying attention to how this worked out in this chapter of history in 2 Chronicles 33 and pray the creator will deal with you in a similar manner... [link to www.biblegateway.com]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 11786928

Ever think maybe you're on the opposite end of the enlightenment stick than have been led to believe? I search for inner peace. I can't think of anything that leads me there other than the same things that you can read in the Bible. I see the total disregard for other people by every denomination and organized religion worldwide. Well, I haven't known many buddhists, but as an organization it is still along the lines of occult, albeit they are on the 'more right track' of HIS words.

We are as we have been made and, to not trust that we have the purity of soul to reach enlightenment by tunneling within our own souls and searching for what is wrong within us and how incontestably linked w/ the sufferings in the world they are. So many prophets have been sent to give us the message, but we are such primative lemmings w/ respect to the abilities HE has given us. We are to be a true image of HIM as HE has done the easy work, but it is our burden to become HE again. (use whatever term here you want, I, HE, WE, THEY...it is the entirety of this question posing vastness in which we float and twirl in a dance of eons and the search for how and why). The warnings you speak of are the principle foundation in which they attempted to convey that following a structured organization based on their 'tips' is a falsification of reaching understanding. The CHURCH, SYNOGOGUE, MOSQUE, TEMPLE, HALL, ....these are man's attempt to reach enlightenment the 'easy way' as preached above. How can that not be understood. So many attempts to help reach the next level of our being....so many died for nothing if all that is attained is yet another doctrine whereby belief in any other denomination or religion, similar or not in foundation, is a falsification of the lessons we have been given. These are the purveyors of infinite inabilities to grow because these are the lessons refactored and presented as a desert such that nothing is needed of you aside from your undying devotion to the doctrine presented.

Do you understand all organized religions are the false religions and short cuts that man attempts to use to reach the next phase of our evolution. If it was desired to be as it is now with organized groups celebrating their own denomination, Jesus, and all other teachers through history, could have just said, "Take what you have learned, put it in a book, mix up some translations, and have everyone just memorize it and don't think for themselves using the gifts we have within.

The houses of worship of all faiths are what cause the world to be in an endless cycle of death and greed, these are what cause neighbor to be against neighbor, these are what lead us to forgo our own abilities and just do as we please because "it says in here that we have dominion over the Earth, so I'm going o kill majestic wolves which have been an integral part of the ecosystem for 1000 of years from a helicopter. Oh, don't think this is a 1 sided debate. Belief in destroying the gifts within our boundaries for sport or gains (monetary, etc). I watch churches become multimillion dollar establishments, I watch buddhist temples buying up land around me, I see nothing but organized religion being the place to try to buy your way to enlightenment.

I have always had some level of faith in Jesus, but as a teacher, not what he was remade into after his death. I imagine him arriving home and it is a short unhappy reunion

(Jesus) I'm back....wow, that was really so hard for me, I love them so.
(God) Oh, it is great to see you....after 38 years it is so great to
(Jesus) So, what did you think?
(God) About what?
(Jesus) About what how I did down there trying to show them the way.
(God) Oh.....yeeeeeeaaaaa.....about that...
(Jesus) Just tell me, have the found the light withing themselves and ended the madness of hatred toward their neighbor.
(God): well, they aren't killing each over their old ways and teachings, so that's good.
(Jesus): Great, that was tough to do....to really get it
(God): right
(Jesus): What?
(Jesus): Well, there's 38 years I'll never get back.

There is no repentance, there is no forgiveness except for that which you are aware of before you have understood that within you that remains so dark and thoughtless.

Religion is destroying our souls with darkness and hatred toward all others. This is why Jesus died....what would you say if HE returned and did not attend the house of worship and loudly proclaimed it a fools game for those easily turned away from their own being. Well, he would be tried for herasy and blasphemy as was done last time.

Just realize that you are doing nothing but memorizing from the scribe w/o having an understanding of the content as it pertains to your inner being.

"Beware of the scribes, who like to walk around in long robes, and love respectful greetings in the market places, and chief seats in the synagogues and places of honor at banquets,

The bible tells us to not follow the bible as presented by man and translated by man into what we are to believe. And all religions formed by man have the same fate....no path to the plane of enlightenment.

The darkness that runs the world is impossible to escape, and I only pray to all of the goodness left in the world that people will wake up learn from the fruit in the garden and not make the mistake of blindly turning away from evil and darkness and not even coming close to hitting the mark on respecting ones neighbors and fellow man/women.
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