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Message Subject Fruit from the Tree of Knowledge(Gnosis) & End Times Deception-That old serpent-(Kundalini) was cast down to Earth with his angels and they dece
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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it seems contradictory that the devil wants us to open our third eye. if you look at how the government and big corporations conspire to poison us, they actually close off our pineal gland/thalamus with fluoride and other toxins.

unless you think they do this so that we will want to purify ourselves of this when we become too toxic.

which still doesn't make sense because it seems like you're advocating eating unhealthy food, regardless of what it does to our pineal gland.

it doesn't add up.

but maybe it's not a simple matter of addition.

but there do appear to be contradictions in what you're saying and what's going on.

if you want, email me at [email protected]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 16994972

It doesn't add up because you are equating truths and untruths.
"Going within"...meditation....seeks to quiet and silence the conscience. It's practitioners are sold on the idea that this benefits us in many supposed ways - calming, finding "god", finding "hidden knowledge", learning to love oneself, gaining psychic powers, realising that you are "god"...those who try meditation are perceiving those things to be of value. Eve perceived the fruit to be good via the senses, did she not? This perception by the senses and it's subsequent desire produced her action which was forbidden (eating the fruit). I saw, I coveted, I took...I sinned.

Adam had the Truth. He was her conscience, the part which knows right from wrong, which she overruled by the desires which she believed were more true and right. . Of course, she was deceived into eating. Adam wasn't. He ate.

So let's look at meditation and drug induced trips which are the rage today. What they both do is the same - they silence the rational conscious knowledge which most of know as "right and wrong, good and evil" and which keeps many of us on a relatively even path. If a desire wells up in someone to steal, usually the conscience prevents us from acting out on that desire. But what happens when that rational part of us is suppressed through drugs or silenced in meditation? What then is the "check" on our inner most desires? Well, it's no longer there doing it's job.

So many studies on meditation and drug fuelled trips show three common outcomes of these practices
1) the "inner" thoughts lead it's hearers to believe that we ALL are part of a global oneness, a global "consciousness"
2) the "inner" thoughts" lead it's hearers to believe that they are actually divine, a god
3) the "inner" thoughts" then lead it's hearers to believe that there is no such thing as rational objective duality such as good and evil and male and female for example. Out of this for example, they become convinced that murder isn't really an evil but something that man defined as evil. Or that pedophilia is a societally designated evil, instead of a real evil. Likewise, male and female is no longer real either!

Our God equates the heart to thoughts. So when He states that "All men's hearts are evil" you may understand what He is truly saying. Now look above at those common outcomes of "going within" and imagine that a sizeable percentage of the world starts to believe that taking human life is not really an evil. Or that pedophilia is not really an evil. Can you not see how it is going to lead to mass murder and mass wickedness unleashed on innocent children, as we are seeing rise in this world today? Our emergency rooms and mental wards are flooded with patients, people are eating other peoples faces....and yet are leaders are claiming drugs and bath salts. Yet nobody is raising the awareness of these hidden dangers of meditation? That meditation is being crept into our schools and unleashed on the minds of children? If you certainly can't imagine the horror of living with millions of your neighbours thinking that they are god and thinking that true evils "are really not evils" so therefore they can love up your five year old or kill you thinking that it's not really wrong.....

Opening the "third eye" today, in the condition inherited from our first parents, is tantamount to becoming the son of perdition sitting in the temple of God (your body) proclaiming yourself to be god. And if you to fully believe God, then you will define your own good and evil, and guess what THAT's going to based from? Your inner wicked thoughts! So if you have secret desires to have sex with a five year old, what do you think that your "inner voice" is going to tell you about pedophilia ? That it's an abomination or that it will actually benefit the child? The latter.

We are all witnessing and living in the times that Our Loving God said would happen. The OP is right, if you are listening to the mouthpieces of wicked men about pineal gland calcification, it's simply reverse psychology. These wicked men are simply drugging us to keep us in la la land is more like it, pacifying that rational thought which leads to psychosis. God doesn't need you to seek opening that gland because He is all powerful.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 31478885

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