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Message Subject Fruit from the Tree of Knowledge(Gnosis) & End Times Deception-That old serpent-(Kundalini) was cast down to Earth with his angels and they dece
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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it seems contradictory that the devil wants us to open our third eye. if you look at how the government and big corporations conspire to poison us, they actually close off our pineal gland/thalamus with fluoride and other toxins.

unless you think they do this so that we will want to purify ourselves of this when we become too toxic.

which still doesn't make sense because it seems like you're advocating eating unhealthy food, regardless of what it does to our pineal gland.

it doesn't add up.

but maybe it's not a simple matter of addition.

but there do appear to be contradictions in what you're saying and what's going on.

if you want, email me at [email protected]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 16994972

What contradiction? Point them out please. As far as flouride "califiying" our pineal gland I dont know if that is true. I belive that may be information put out for the purpose to use "reverse psychology"on the masses and get us trying to open up a so called third eye, which is the eye of lucifer. Part of his genetic makeup. Hence Daniel 2:43 about them mixing THIER SEED with THE SEED OF MEN. I believe aiming to open and opening the third eye is to worship his image.
I don't think it part of our original genetic makeup. I believe It's a corruption of our DNA and image. Not part of the image God created us/man in.
Does flouride calify the pineal? I dont know but I do know that after coming into that information many people will go and seek to "decalcify" and then go onto meditation which is the means by which "chakras" and the "third eye" are opened. These are portals we open to the devil and his demons to posess and incarnate in us. Not a GOOD thing at all!!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 12741817

What happens, O.P. is that your original message was so HUGE and complex that few people cared to READ ALL and even fewer were able to understand what you were trying to say. I think I did.

My thinking is we're caught in some part of the kaleidoscopic jigsaw puzzle, we're trapped in this 3D dimension running and spinning like hamsters in the wheel of this reality.
All civilizations depict the same tree of life and water of life and Eden images. The shamans SAW this reality which requires no explanation. It's like that in that invisible realm in interdimensional reality. However, as you wrote from the beginning,the Illuminati and others who practice esoterism and opening of the third eye CAN'T LIVE FOREVER so we are banned from that OTHER tree, the tree of everlasting life. We can have access to the TREE OF KNOWLEDGE only. That's the problem because Satan, the winged-snake ancient dragon hanashash (and not just a flesh and bone snake nahash) said we could be like gods knowing good and evil and God confirmed that. Shamael snake said we wouldn't die and God confirmed if Adam and Eve had access to that everlasting fruit WE INDEED COULD LIVE, so after expressing his concern, he banned them from Eden.
Fact is that Eden and Adam and Eve belong to other reality beyond earth, perhaps androgyn creature male-female and not flesh and bone.. the same reality of Eden.
Hence the transgresion with the dragon perhaps happened in THAT realm and when later on we became humans like we are, now we have two hemispheres in the brain and we are SPLIT in two, we have a tree and a snake even within our brain and we have the kundalini energy inverted as well.

Christ indeed mentioned the opening of the SINGULAR EYE but it seems unlike Eve's opening of her eye... it is not based upon the twisted snake wrapped around sex but maybe has to be awaken FROM THE HEART which is something perhaps 0.0001 % of mankind could do, so narrow is the path. If a gnostic doesn't spill his SEED or semen he would probably have a hell of a headache and doesn't mean he developed his heart chakra. Who can actually?

Not even Illuminati can stretch our miserable life. Parrots and swans have a better lifespan. That means evolution is crazy and has no purpose or God is sadistic. I don't think he (or shall I call it she or he/she or it?) is but because the INTERVENTION we are a stage for the whole universe. The outcome of freewill. Every creature in the universe is a witness of our disgrace which in their view maybe mankind lifespan is like butterflies' lifespan.

In Revelation it's said Lord was crucified IN SODOMAH AND EGYPT... could it be he had to get rid of hand, foot, an eye and sexual organs purpose or what?
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