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Message Subject Fruit from the Tree of Knowledge(Gnosis) & End Times Deception-That old serpent-(Kundalini) was cast down to Earth with his angels and they dece
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Wow thats alot mixed together
I red some and then came the textwall and i had to stop.

I believe the origins of gnosis and all that religion and also the occult etc. is meant to help those that are lost half way or simply needs help, because we as people here on this strange beautiful terrifying planet have basically lost our memory and relation to the invisible in other words.

Some people including me have had a VERY VERY hard time mentally, psychologically, spiritually and so forth and we have gone around blindfolded with books with half truths around us where ever we looked, our search to find God or something extra we could have to comfort us in has been our only real hope to try to understand the why,what,when and who, especially why we are here.

It is natural to cling to religion and faith and try to have something to grasp after when it all seams darker than coal.

But then again so Manny books written and so Manny words, and each book that each person reads gives a slight different perspective of what the words mean

And the danger from a preacher of any kind that mis interprets those words, because the author that did write the books are no longer present in human form to talk to that preacher etc.

Missing links

Anyway i like this line from your text
Never quite understanding that we are living and reliving the choreography of one primary narrative structure.
And that rings true to me

Those that find something often get insane, just like you state all that third eye and kundalini stuff can cause brain damage and insanity, or the forbidden fruit etc.
Somewhere i remember it is written that, the tree is guarded by a flaming sword maybe it is not for all.

A simple life is golden
Protect people from God? is that it?

I would just like to add that i did believe in some god when i was a child, BEFORE i started in school and plunged into the internet, then serious shit happened.
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