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Get free mortgage payments with a free paint job for the abode

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User ID: 989735
10/12/2012 03:35 PM
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Get free mortgage payments with a free paint job for the abode
The downfall of the economy has resulted in many people losing their homes to foreclosure or forced sales. Most people fantasize of winning the lottery or a surprise benefactor coming to the rescue to help pay the mortgage.

Simply agree have your abode painted and you could be relieved of the mortgage payments for one year.

Dreams can come true, maybe not how they are imagined but the wish of having someone pay the mortgage can actually become a reality. "Brainiacs From Mars" will pay your mortgage if you allow them to paint your home.

Not only get the mortgage paid for you but also receive a free paint job for the abode.

It might sound too good to be true, but one can get the monthly mortgage payments paid for them for up to one year if they agree to have "Brainiacs from Mars" paint their home for free. There is only one catch, the paint job turns the home into a giant billboard. In other words the mortgage payment is how you are paid for allowing your home to become a means of advertizing for a company.

Turn the home into a conversation piece.

This could be fun if you live in a neighborhood where all of the homes are of the same design. Turning the abode into a painted billboard will turn your house into a one-of-a-kind original. Be the first on the block to have this unique paint job.

Fill out an application to apply for your mortgage to be paid for you.

" Brainiacs from Mars " is looking for houses to paint to turn into billboards. In exchange, they will "pay your mortgage every month for as long as your house remains painted".

Before filling out the application there are a few stipulations to meet:

"You must own your home. It cannot be rented or leased. We'll paint the entire outside of the house, minus the roof, the windows and any awnings. Painting will take approximately 3 - 5 days. Your house must remain painted for at least one month and may be extended up to a year. If, for any reason, you decide to cancel after one month or if we cancel the agreement with you, we'll repaint your house back to the original colors."

"Brainiacs from Mars" introducing the “Paint My House” program in order to help families battle the threats of foreclosure.

This company uses the funds received from the homes painted as well as contribution to give back to the community by painting more houses to get more mortgages paid. The first billboard home was launched in April in order to help the family escape foreclosure and actually be able to save some money. The goal right now is to help 3000 additional families by turning their homes into a giant advertisement.

Read more [link to www.examiner.com]