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Wynn Free on Edgar Cayce

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United States
01/18/2006 06:39 PM
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Wynn Free on Edgar Cayce
The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?

You who check into this forum are obviously coming from a wide expanse of spiritual belief and conviction. There are aspects of your individual religions which are very different, yet almost all religious doctrines have certain commonalities: develop a personal relationship with the creator and love your neighbor as an extended part of yourself.

I am the principal author (with David Wilcock) of the book, The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? Many of you who are reading this know who Edgar Cayce was and were influenced by him. And many others will come from religious pursuasions that haven’t incorporated the idea of reincarnation and may have the predisposition to reject this kind of possibility without due consideration. I wrote the book with the thought in mind that my job as the author would be to present the evidence and circumstances and let the reader draw their own conclusions. There are many spiritual principles which have to be accepted on faith. I haven’t asked my readers to accept anything on faith. I built the case on hard facts, and whether reincarnation is real or not, there is definitely a profound connection between David Wilcock and Edgar Cayce with statistical circumstances of millions to one tying the two together. The end result for many readers of the book is exactly the same as the commonalities presented in the previous paragraph – their relationship with the creator is enhanced and they have more incentive and understanding as to why loving your neighbor is particularly important in this period of the evolution of mankind.

Edgar Cayce was the most credible psychic/prophet in the history of the western world. He was raised as a fundamentalist Christian but early on in life, he discovered that he could go into a trance state and diagnose the health problems of others and prescribe alternative remedies which no one else had ever used. Often, his clients would verify the diagnosis with their doctor and find complete correlation. When this first happened for Cayce, he wasn’t sure if it was in violation of his religious convictions. But he continued with the vow that if ever hurt one person, he would discontinue his readings.

Initially his readings never touched on reincarnation. But after 20 years of doing health readings, he gave a diagnosis, explaining to his client how their health problem was related to something they did in a previous lifetime. For the next 20 years, he would give much more information about his clients alleged past lives. Although the past life information was not as verifiable as the health readings, his precision accuracy on the health readings opened up the possibility that maybe he was also accurate on his past life readings. Often the past life readings would have remarkable correspondences to specific patterns in the client’s life which Cayce had no knowledge of.

When Cayce died in 1945, his children opened up a library of his 15,000 reading and from 1945 to the present, 500 books have been written about him. His work has stood the test of time. Today, many alternative doctors recommend his remedies and most health food stores carry Cayce product lines. The books that were written based on his readings cover a wide expanse of subjects, including alternative health, Atlantis, and spiritual cosmology. Millions of people have been influenced by them.

The circumstances tying 31 year old David Wilcock to Cayce are compelling. Wilcock was living in New Paltz, New York and had completed reading a book on dreams. He decided to keep a record of his dreams, as suggested in the book. He would wake up in the middle of the night, jot notes on a pad by his bed and go back to sleep. In the morning when he reviewed what he had written, he found verbal messages giving him advice and counsel. He initially thought he was making it up. But after a week, one of his dream sentences made a very precise prediction of something which would happen in his future. Two days later it happened. For the next year, he would wake up, jot notes down and dictate into a tape recorder the messages of his “dream voice” never imagining that this would ever become important to anyone else. He was consistently getting prophecies of things in his future as well as the world at large. After a year, Wilcock’s dream voice asked him to move to Virginia Beach, which just so happened to be the location of the foundation dedicated to the Edgar Cayce readings. David moved to there in 1997. He knew who Edgar Cayce was and visited the Cayce foundation. Everyone began staring at him. He was the spitting image of a young Edgar Cayce.

He went home and asked the question to his dream voice if he was connected to Cayce. The answer was:

“In short, David, the answer is yes; you will need to review the whole life and see the parallels….”

He went into shock. He began a study of Cayce and found the following Cayce reading which predicted that Cayce would “return” in 1998.

“He may develop himself to be in that position, to be in that capacity as a liberator of the world in its relationships to individuals in those periods to come, for he must enter again in that period, or in 1998.” (from the Cayce readings 294-151)

And then he found a Cayce dream, where Cayce predicted that he would once again live in Virginia Beach. It is 1998 and Wilcock was guided by his dream voice to live in Virginia Beach, fulfilling the Cayce prophecy.

The most quantifiable correspondence showed up when he compared his astrological chart with that of Cayce’s. Wilcock’s 5 personal planets are in the same sign as Cayce’s. Each planet would have a one in twelve chance of being in the same sign. The chances of having all 5 planets in the same sign are in excess of one in three hundred thousand.

If we consider the chances of all these correspondences occurring for the same person, the probabilities of some kind of link between Cayce and Wilcock becomes expanded into the millions. As I researched the book, I found many additional points of correspondence; they both have very similar personalities, they both channel and do readings, they both have made very accurate future predictions, and they are both extremely media shy. Wilcock greatly resisted the book being written and only gave it his blessing after I convinced him that the information being presented might help many people.

The book was released in March of 2004 and most readers believe the case for the connection is well formilated. But of even more importance are the explanations presented via Wilcock’s dream voice as to what’s happening on planet earth from a celestial perspective. Is reincarnation the way it works. Is Wilcock bringing forth information from the same source as Cayce? This is something each reader will have to decide for himself. Uri Geller, author and famous 60’s spoon bender allowed us to quote him on the cover of the book. After his study of the Wilcock/Cayce connection, he concluded that “David Wilcock is Edgar Cayce”. Many readers are being deeply impacted and a couple of more liberal Christian churches have formed study groups discussing the premises of the book. Reverend Beverly Craig, of the La Crescenta Church of Religious Science commented: “[it] may be the most important work in contemporary spirituality explaining how to maintain one's connections to divinity on a planet in transition.”