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Message Subject Jesus wanted us to be Gods
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
dont be so foolish, this is a problem that occurs all too often...people read one verse and not the others around it and have zero regard for context. youre reading what YOU want to read. to claim such a thing would be disregarding the very premise of genesis when satan tempted adam and eve saying you will be as gods which caused the fall of man into sin.
In John 10:34 Jesus is talking to the jewish judges asking why they are so angry with him and about to stone him for claiming that he (a mere mortal man to them) was THEOS or God in the flesh. Jesus says even unjust judges (Psalms 82:6) in the old testement were called Elohim (gods) little "g".
i notice in your op you put the question mark on the next line under to make it look like he was making a statement rather than a question to the jewish judges and you put "i said you are gods" in bold and caps to further your deceptiveness. this is how that verse really reads...Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods? so that verse is meaningless to your claim.
And again, psalm 82 is talking about the judges in power at the time,(in fact john 10:34 jesus is referencing psalm 82:6, these verses are connected and both referencing the judges of ancient israel called gods) the rulers of ancient israel, judges were called gods little g because they were appointed as representatives of God and from them the word of God came to govern the nations. so the rulers in were godlike in the sense they ruled based upon the most high Gods "big G" word.
These verses are not talking about everyone, its referencing the rulers of ancient israel directly and exclusively. Read the rest of the chapters next time and get an actual sense of what these verses are actually talking about next time. you wouldnt be so ignorant if you did or maybe you want to decieve? hmm
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