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Message Subject Jesus wanted us to be Gods
Poster Handle T of G
Post Content
This is really a good thought provoking title for a thread, and it shows that the OP is aware of the deeper spiritual teaching of Jesus.

But if people think they are going to find Jesus' true message in the manipulated teachings of his which remain in the NT, or any by citing and quoting the OT, ......I'm pretty sure its not going to be too easy, and for most its not going to happen in this life.

Don't you know that Jesus taught about God's law of karma, and it was all taken out of the NT because the Emperor Justinian's wife did not want to think that she would have to pay for the harm she made others experience.
So the emperor her husband just removed it from the bible and now we are all acting like it was never there, and most don't even believe in reincarnation.

Don't you see the manipulation going on through out the ages to keep us dumb, and dumber?

And Justinian was one of the ELITE of his times of course.

Proof of this right here:

[link to ebionite.com]

Can you imagine how different we would all be if Jesus' teaching of 2000yrs ago was not manipulated?

And people today all accepted that karma was real, and that God really has a perfect justice system to help us learn from our mistakes.

And that no one gets away with committing harm to others, because the law of karma will bring all that pain caused back onto that individual in a future time.

It might keep some people from doing some very foolish things to others if they knew they would have to experience what they caused to others.
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