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Message Subject The Secret Meaning of ‘Kingdom of God Within You’... Now Revealed - It’s Cell Biology!
Poster Handle T Ceti H.C. Radnarg
Post Content
I'm a little impressed with this thread uncle Mikey...i was wondering when the kingdom of god within was gonna be taken on...i mostly teach the metaphysical science in my 777 thread...your still not tying the potassium iodide molecule in with it all and what the potassium iodide does for the kingdom of god within, but all in all this is a good thread...any pine cone objects are the pineal gland symbolism and the word PIneal Gland deciphered is> P.I.<potassium iodide) neal<n/14+e/5=19,19 folded to the right is P1,1 being an I becoming P.I. confirmed twice...then A/1,L/12(besides AL looking like the compass and square) is the 12 "horns" surrounding the 1 symbolism also adding to 13 and the letter M for ma-sonic,the ma is 14 aka eye of the pyramid and in reverse MA is Ascended Master...son-ic is half reversed as Christ in-son aka spirit within the flesh...of the land of>Idol1 land/Gland... pineal gland...the white brotherhood is white,fold the b of brotherhood up and to the right and capitalize p becoming a P...then capitalize the letter H and push H over to become a I, presto,the white brother-Hood becomes white Potassium Iodide...the answer to your " Sumerian " tablets is potassium iodide salt/Na...you forgot the fish symbol or fish suit people is iodine...those 16 "rays" is the letter P for Potassium...and you didn't count the mans leg which is uncovered as the 16 ray in the other tablet ,you have 15 written on...in the other 'Sumerian' tablet you have 11 written on, you missed the 2 fold message in that> 11(P-lanets) is K and the 1 "planet" in the middle of the star/crystal is 1 and 1 is I. presto KI aka potassium iodide...ALL stars in reliefs symbolize crystals...
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