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Message Subject The Secret Meaning of ‘Kingdom of God Within You’... Now Revealed - It’s Cell Biology!
Poster Handle Dr.DoomLittle
Post Content
He's actually pretty spot on. at least Through a cellular approach. What I see he is failing to realize is that all of creation can be expressed this way. From the atomic level to the universal. He's simply looking at a single aspect of it. I applaud him for putting this much together though. It takes quite a bit of time, energy, and intellect to put together a presentation such as this. So, I wouldn't be quite so quick to say he's wrong. Also, the pineal gland is part of the physical system corresponding to the Anja chakra which can be viewed as a platform where all conscioussness meets. Such as mine to yours. Not directly to God. The Seat of the Soul is the Anahata chakra which corresponds to the Heart. Which, surprising enough, has a stronger neural system than the brain, and proDuces a much stronger magnetic field. You won't find god in the brain. Step one is to merge all chakra centers into a single point of white light is the heart, instead of relying on only one of the many branches of the prism that is your energetic body.

 Quoting: High Plains Jester

Interesting. Worth a study.
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