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Message Subject The Secret Meaning of ‘Kingdom of God Within You’... Now Revealed - It’s Cell Biology!
Poster Handle Uncle Mikey
Post Content
Hello Who is Blue Fairy.

Fascinating information.

The "Vatican Queen" may be a reference to "Queen of Heaven"... which is Mary to the Catholics.

Christians do not believe that Mary is a Queen, in fact this 'other version' of Mary is often compared to some of the 'Dark Goddesses' you often hear about.

The more you research it, the more disturbing it gets.

There may be a connection between HAARP and Vatican plans of hijacking Pineal Glands of the population via high-tech.

When you combine King David + Pope John Paul + Bees... it begins to sound a bit Anti-Christ to me.

As for that 'Gehdia' name, I thought of this...


NOTE: I've been trying to put the Wiki link here for Gideon, but it is censored!!!


It is interesting to note that Gideon played a part in destroying the 'Pineal Tower'.

“After capturing the two kings, Gideon punished the men of Succoth, and pulled down the tower of Peniel, killing all the men there”

Was it a Pineal Gland tower of mind control? Perhaps an ancient HAARP?


'Vatican Queen' may also be a boat...

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