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What has changed for the human condition in the last 4000 years?

Anonymous Coward
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United States
10/21/2012 11:44 PM
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What has changed for the human condition in the last 4000 years?
What has changed for the human condition in the last 4000 years?

The only thing that has really changed in the last 4000 years is our perception of reality. What is actually different in the human condition? As a human race, we are no different than the same humans since the beginning of time. Only our "tools" have changed. The basic fundamentals of everything are the same. In fact, the function of these newer tools is also the same. The only difference now is we can make things and accomplish tasks more easily and faster than we could in the past. These new tools have given us "things" like buildings, jobs, vehicles, etc. But the basic overall function of our existence remains constant. We still interact, eat, sleep, traverse the earth and live. What has changed our perception of reality? Well our beliefs have changed and evolved due to the very existence of these new "things". These new "things" create a pyramid system of possession in which we believe that we must prove ourselves to a world by gaining and possessing them. We do this (in part) because we think the rest of humanity is paying attention. We become too focused on the ego instead of pondering the simple things and simple facts. The simple fact is that we have always had everything that we've ever needed, complete from the start. It's only an illusion we've ever thought we needed more.

The only thing that doesn't have any flaws is unconditional love. With it, you accept everyone for who they are regardless of what they have. When you start seeing that, you realize that we are all the same. With this focus there is no need to become more successful or higher in possessions than another person. When you learn this simple truth you realize that we were just kidding ourselves the entire time - thinking that money, power, and a strong ego is the source of happiness. The true source of happiness flows from within and from knowing who you are - and knowing who the rest of the world is. When this realization arrives, the walls begin to tumble down, and the fear of being a pushed aside civilian reaching for the top just to prove his name goes out the door. The key is learning to give without expecting, because you love someone just for existing. You do it out of respect for their being and the respect of your own.

It's time to see that you have nothing to prove to anyone but yourself, as you are the only one really paying attention. That if you have food, shelter, and very basic comfort that is all you need. That the rest of the stuff you desire are just non-essentials and gadgets to distract and enable the market place which categorizes you as nothing more than a consumer.

The quality of life for any creation should be set to an equal balance that benefits all, because we are all together. We are all beautiful unique pieces of a larger unimaginable picture.

Laugh and enjoy life. You're playing the characters, who do you choose to be?

Remember - you are always okay, always have been okay, and always will be okay.

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