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Subject Has Corexit Poisoned Gulf Region? No Toxicity studies carried out on product.
Poster Handle FairiesWearBoots
Post Content
Check out the material data sheet of Corexit 9500.

Scroll along to 5/10 and look at 11. Toxicological Information.

It says: 'No Toxicity Studies Have Been Carried Out On This Product'

I think you can draw your own conclusions.

[link to www.scribd.com]

There were strong and early indications that the use of Corexit, combined with the leaking oil, were producing, both long term and short term, catastrophic environmental and individual health effects.

Oil and Corexit, used to “disperse” the oil spill have impacted untold numbers of Gulf residents’ health. Additionally, both the food supply and the food chain are being adversely impacted. The air and the subsequent evapotranspiration cycle has been irreversibly altered which, in turn, impacts the water table and the safety of water supplies as well as the safety of crops.

The most devastating finding relates the events of the oil spill to the phenomena of the ever-widening Louisiana sinkholes and the related underground explosions as well as the very high concentration of toxic and highly flammable methane in the air and in the water.

[link to www.thecommonsenseshow.com]
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