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Scalerid 2000 by Edenpure

User ID: 26412674
United States
10/27/2012 03:57 PM
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Scalerid 2000 by Edenpure
I ordered this product from Edenpure in January 2012. Tried it for 9 months and it absolutely does not work. I shipped it back and asked for my money back, but they refused to return my money. Beware!! Do not waste your money on this product........it does NOT work as advertised. It made absolutely no difference in my water. I tried to post a review on Edenpure site, but no way to do it. Guess they want to pick and choose the comments they include on their site. Only the good ones. Again, DO NOT BUY the Scalerid 2000 or any products from Edenpure. Dont make the same mistake I did. Rating should be zero stars or negative stars.
Reverend Alan

User ID: 67585981
United States
07/11/2015 01:02 PM
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Re: Scalerid 2000 by Edenpure
Back in 1972 I spent several thousand dollars on a salt based water softener that required 2 guys a whole day to install. It takes up the floor space of a refrigerator. It wastes between 80-100 gallons of water each week and requires a $300 "service" each year plus $100 worth of salt. Several expensive replacement parts have been needed over the years.

When I mentioned to my service guy that I was considering replacing his system with a new maintenance free scalerid system by Eden Pure he went ballistic as he realized I would not need him any more at $100.00 an hour for a 3 hour service each year. I would no longer need to buy 50 pound bags of salt and I would not be putting 100 gallons of waste water each week into the sewer system during the drought here in California.

He has gone online and written all kinds of negative reviews about the product urging people not to buy them. Why? Because he stands to loose money. If you buy one he won't get to sell you his, charge you thousands of dollars to install it and then visit once a year for an expensive service.

I figure that the ScaleRid will pay for itself the first year.

Plus no more 50 pound bags of salt to bring back from the store, no more resetting the system every time the electricity goes out and most important in our drought I will not be wasting 100 gallons of water each week.

And how do you know if the new Eden Pure is working? It is so simple even a politician could figure it out.

If you are in the shower and you run a bar of soap up your arm and there is resistance you have hard water. If you put lots of shampoo on your head and get very little suds you have hard water. Or your Eden Pure is not working.

If however the bar of soap slides easily up and down your arm and a tiny bit of shampoo produces tons of suds and when you rise off you feel like you have body lotion all over, you have soft water or your Eden Pure is working.

You can do the same test at the sink washing your hands. If you feel like you put hand lotion on your hands after washing them the water is soft.

Fifteen years ago I bought one of the Eden Pure 1500 watt room heaters. My mom was always cold and our furnace would heat the whole house. She had a small space heater that barely heated the space around the heater. For the same watts her whole room is warm and there is only a couple of degrees difference between the floor and ceiling. This really works. I bought two more.

Then I bought the Eden Pure Pure Wash for the clothes washing machine. I was highly skeptical but have been enjoying it now for 6 months and with each load I am even more pleased. You know how bleach and detergent won't get out certain stains? Well the Pure Wash won't get them out either. I keep track of the rags I wash and they smell fresh now, clean and fresh. Plus I can safely drain all the waste water out into the yard which is the biggest plus during our drought.

I have learned to trust Eden Pure because of products and customer service. I ordered their refrigerator unit which promises to keep things from spoiling so fast. Even if it is half as good as they claim it will be worth it, but based on past experience with this company I full expect it to do everything they promise.

I say buy the unit, install it correctly and enjoy soft water.