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Message Subject Knoxville police gun down man outside West Town Mall 's upscale Dillard's dept. store
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Not a very even trade. One gets shot. The one doing the shooting is uninjured.

You don't reckon the officer could have used a billy stick, mace, or a taser? Typical. Coward.

The police say they don't know if the shooting victim was armed. If he were armed they would have been proclaiming it loudly.

"The officer ultimately shot the suspect during the altercation.

'The suspect was taken to UT Medical Center where he's undergoing treatment currently. The officer has been also transported to UT, which is standard procedure. The officer was not injured,' DeBusk said."
[link to www.wbir.com]

Genesis 4:23 Then Lamech said to his wives: "Adah and Zillah, hear my voice; Wives of Lamech, listen to my speech! For I have killed a man for wounding me, Even a young man for hurting me.

Genesis 4:24 If Cain shall be avenged sevenfold, Then Lamech seventy-sevenfold.

Suspect ID's in West Town Mall Shooting
[link to www.wate.com]

Knoxville police identify man shot by officer outside West Town Mall
"[KPD spokesman] DeBusk said Thursday he did not know whether the suspect was armed. ... [officer] Edmunds was not injured, but he was transported to the hospital as a matter of procedure."
[link to www.knoxnews.com]
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