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Message Subject Symbolically, the masculine principle represents the spirit, which preceded the whole of creation, & the feminine principle represents matter
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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"The four letters of the name of God, Yod He Vau He Y H V H, can be interpreted as four aspects of the Divinity: colour, sound, form and movement. For the universe, or nature, which is an emanation of the Creator, manifests essentially through these four modes and their numerous combinations. Through colour, sound, form and movement, it is always God as the one reality who reveals himself, but in different guises. It is therefore very important to study these expressions in depth, for each is a language we must interpret if we are to know what the Creator has to tell us.

And if we were to take our study of the four letters of the name of God even deeper, we would discover the four basic pillars of initiatic Science the Cabbalah, astrology, magic and alchemy which are also represented in the human being by the head (Cabbalah), the lungs (astrology), the stomach (alchemy), the hands and the sexual organs (magic)."

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