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Subject What about a Coup being planned by US Military against Gov't?
Poster Handle Peaceplz
Post Content
Thinking about all of the high ranking military men who have been relieved of their duties recently, I have been wondering if it's possible a Coup is/was in the works.

What made me start thinking about that is the recent news of the Commanding Officer of the frigate Vandergrift and three other key officers were "fired (sic) after an investigation found drunken behavior and inappropriate misconduct during a September port visit in Russia, the Navy announced late Friday".

First, I don't think anyone in the Navy can be fired, but 3 key officers were also removed.

Next, sailors getting drunk in Russia? That's bad? Do Russian sailors not get drunk in Russian ports? That started me thinking, what could our US Sailors have done to warrant 4 officers on one ship being removed?

[link to www.navytimes.com]

This and the fact that other high ranking military have been relieved of their duties recently in connection with Benghazi.

General Carter Ham, US Army (Head of Africom)
Rear Adm. Charles M. Gaouette (Head of Middle East Strike Group)

The indication is that both disobeyed orders to NOT send in support for the US Ambassador C. Stevens in Libya when he called for it, were going to send in support and were relieved of their duties immediately by the next in command from direct orders (Obama, Clinton, Panetta).

Of course we also have the head of the CIA who stepped down due to a marital affair. Could a Coup be the reason his emails were being investigated and this affair is a red herring?

The ex-Navy Seals who were killed on 9/11 were there of their own attempts to hold off the insurgent attacks until help arrived. Of course, we also have BHO taking credit for killing Bin Laden as opposed to Navy Seals Team 6, who were all killed in a helicopter crash.

I'm sorry if this has been discussed before, but Patraeus' stepping down is just fishy as hell to me and got me thinking about how much the military men and women must be resenting blame being placed on their leaders in order to hide/protect this administration.

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