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Message Subject What about a Coup being planned by US Military against Gov't?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Take a moment to read or watch what occured in pre WWII europe almost all the countries w few exceptions started with a democratic society then economic depression set in. This lead to socialist form of government then the military takes control to keep the socialist in place with removal of any competition.

We have a way to go I believe.

Manny High ranking people are concrned in all forms of Governement not political figures... NSA, CIA, FBI, Military
They hate the establishment just as well and are somewhat trapped at the moment.

When Jack Baur (Woods and Co.)was killed in Bengazi this will start an inside call for repercusions that the handelers will not be able to prepare for.. The targets Including folks like Axilrod, Jarret, and the chicago machine will now be the hit not Barrack but everyone who is non elected surrounding him making this administartion vulnerable. The best move would be to promaote Paul Ryan to Speaker of the house giving him an eventual direct line to the White House.

Out of confusion comes order the socialist/dems are using this model now to divide the republicans and maintain control. Hopefully the real masters of the game mentioned above will implement as much influence as possible to counter this plan by causing havoc with those pulling the strings.

:H- Bomb spectato:
 Quoting: ISLANDIA

I wish it was true.

But unfortunately, most of TODAY's military, intelligence, FBI, NSA are mostly fat-n-happy beaurocrats who really don't have much ideology or values, and who are deathly AFRAID of Obama, Jarret, Soros ---- that's right, the big, big 4-star generals and Admirals will not risk their their pensions & benefits & the jobs lined up for them in the private sector post-retirement.... nevermind risk their actual lives to challenge the Obama Machine.

Because you see, behind Obama are not just Soros, Ayres, Jarret... but also China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, North Korea, Pakistan and Venezuela. Their sheer combined power and oil wealth would scare any individual American general or admiral into nightmarish chills.

Obama's got game. He's got world's dictatorships and America's biggest enemies either out-right contributing to his rise & campaign... or at the very least, now that he's in power, they are invested/interested in letting Obama keep his power -- in order to weaken America.

In other words, Obama is here to stay. Like it or not. Romney tried to dislodge him from office, but GOP were not united, Romney had no charisma and Obama's computer-savvy administration stole the election in Ohio and Florida.

The end.
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