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Subject A better plan than secession
Poster Handle Double O Zero
Post Content
When reading over the various secession proposals, it becomes clear that what the writers and signatories wish is not so much unique privileges for their respective states as the restoration of the America they feel they are losing. With petitions for nearly every state, it's clear the movement is not localized, and so restoration rather than secession should be the goal.

Too often, political thinkers in America find themselves constrained by the idea that majority rule should decide. This was far from the case in the original revolution, as men of conscience and character articulated their ideals and put their own lives and fortune at risk. To preserve America, the same will be needed today.

It will not require violence. It will require sacrifice, and the willingness to stand on ideals. I have two ideas, and I'm sure others can contribute more.

1) Refuse to pay taxes

If the productive elements of this nation, those who own businesses and employ the vast majority of people all stood together and said no, they could deprive the fire of the oxygen upon which it relies.

Yes, people will go to jail, but would the government dare to arrest everyone? If ten thousand people, all together, did the same thing and all went together as prisoners of conscience, what would it say?

It would say someone was willing to stand up and see forced redistribution without the consent of the party is the true crime, and show the regime for the monopoly of violence which it is. Leading to my second idea.

2) Arrange national days off work

Very simply, if businesses are not going to be allowed to operate, then why pretend. Starting with one day a month, and then becoming more reliable, business owners may band together and simply say we will not work today.

Where unions and the left movements around the world have used general strikes, the government has no power to compel you to do business. Your own industriousness is turned against you, so a planned day like this will reveal who really needs who.

Will this solve everything? Of course not. But to save this country, people will need to see the consequences of the decisions being made, and if it comes to violence, I would want the world to see who started it, and who was really taking from whom the entire time.
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