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MSM journalism....What MSM journalism?

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11/17/2012 10:00 PM
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MSM journalism....What MSM journalism?
GOOGLE >>>>>>>>>>

Morris...Gaza Regional Resistance News Update - Vid

Voice Of Resistance From Gaza - Audio

Iron Dome Blocks One Palestinian Rocket

Antimissiles Deployed In Tel Aviv

Israel Slaughters Gaza From Air - Troops Assemble

Israel Bombs Defenseless Gaza 180 Times Overnight

Heavy Shelling As Israeli Prepares Ground Slaughter

MSM journalism....What MSM journalism?
[link to www.spj.org]

As children would say, Duh!

GOD is nature....better get used to it.
Useful idiots...a Zionist wet dream!
Bloody hell ADL.....sue those
bastards (if not true).
[link to zapruder.nl]