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a poem i wrote for man and woman...

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United States
11/17/2012 10:48 PM
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a poem i wrote for man and woman...
The cave woman knew her place and man learned how to start a fire
and for ages she remained mans one and true desire.
Over the ages women have kept this place in honor and pride
and the world man lived in grew and thrived.
Then came a new age, a time without the wisdom of old
and from that time on the world spiraled out of control.
Women forsook what God had divined
And lost what God blessed man with, a woman sublime.
They demanded equality to God's first chosen, man
And never realized that they were blessed in his plan.
Gone was the Reverend mother, the princess and the queen
Now for all women such is the fodder of dreams.
No blessed nor prized, none exalted on high
The choice that they made was a thorn in man's side.
No longer was life like an artist would paint
But a wasteland of regrets and a life full of taint.
Granted, some men abused the old ways
But is that enough for women to forsake yesterday?
When woman and man knew their place and lived in harmony
When both knew God's plan for this world to succeed.
A bull strong man that could face any foe
And a keeper of home that could clean, cook and sow.
An equal but opposite to balance each other
A father for sons and for daughters a mother.
Gone is God's plan and the women that relate
For as their bras burned they unknowingly sealed their own fate.
For nothing can last that smacks at God's plan
And woman can't be other then a blessing for a man.
A blessing that is meant to be cherished and looked after
And together was meant to tell the story of life, happily ever after.

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01/09/2013 05:49 PM
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Re: a poem i wrote for man and woman...
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