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Message Subject THE OFFICIAL thanks for UNBANNING me THREAD
Poster Handle #Geomagnetic_Storm#
Post Content
Dick riding hard as hell, Fuck this site. this is suppose to be a conspiracy forum, to INFORM others about news the mainstream doesn't want to report on, for people who know how to piece other conspiracies together and talk about it openly

I said ONE bad thing about Romney and i got banned. Really? fuck this site, and if you had a speck of pride you'd stay away too, the only reason im here now is to see if i was banned again for posting using my free will, which obviously the admin of this site doesn't want, then has the nerve to call us commie loving? lol idk who "Trin" is but he can suck a dick and die for all i care lolololololololo

so yeah, fuck you, and fuck this "conspiracy" forum, this whole place is a fucking fail lol5a5a5a5a5a5a5a
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