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11/23/2012 01:32 AM

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As the dust settles here in Hawaii, it was a good day. I hope a day of Peace and Thanksgiving was had by all. Everything is put away, the dishwasher is going (with several days dishes) and I can finally unwind and check on GLP. Thank you for being there and all of the share. This is a wonderful place to see how others are doing. I worked yesterday, work tommorow and then picking coffee and life mosies on. I work Christmas Eve and Christmas so this was my day off for the Holidays.
Both my Husband and I have this GI bug, so no visitors to our house. I'm trying to decide if my fever will go away by tomorrow. He's been sick about 5 days and me for a couple now. So it wasn't all rosey. But we did a webcam and saw our Kids and Grandkids as we could. Not all were together in one spot. It was a joyous day. May we be blessed with Peace through the Holiday season.
I am glad there is a truce. There is no place for this type of thing any more. We have to learn to live together.
Have a great day tomorrow. Let us move forward together and forgive the things we do not understand. Someone plotted and planned, but someone else was able to broker a peace. Thank You Aloha

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One back turns in parting to turn and turn again. Leaving is never going, its circling round the bend.