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Think for yourself do not be a sheeple: Raising taxes on rich won't chill economy

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United States
11/27/2012 05:22 PM
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Think for yourself do not be a sheeple: Raising taxes on rich won't chill economy

It is about time everyone pays equal tax. I have even pondered this though since my first "full time" job when was 16 as a machinist helper now I am 50 and make allot of cash in my management job today. Also I have saved and have tried not to be in debt and done will for myself and family..........BUT!

All this BS everyone is talking about like:

Companies/SMALL BUSINESS: "Some" companies are switching employee hours to 32 a week to avoid paying for medical insurance/Obamacare. This kind of crap equals out and these companies will have crappy employees, costing them more in the long run in errors and poor quality. So get with it! Even small buss. need to step up and these threats are just threats with no action on their part. There is no small business owner that will just shut the doors and go get a real job! They know they have it made and will never be under somebody's thumb again and they like long lunch, leased cars, large expense write off's and nobody bitching at them. DO YOU REALLY THINK that they could operate in any other country in the world and have it as good as they do in America. SO STEP UP AND DEAL WITH IT.

(not having any national care plan)
The last time I checked private insurance pricing was crazy and the option to make it work are HUGE deductables like $3k, to $10k and no preexisting conditions and MAX lifetime payouts. How do I pay for this when I am on a budget when I get to 65 or I am with-out a job. Hell I am 50 now and my warranty has expired on my health tick tock to a stroke! Someday we will all be out of jobs and then what? for 35 years I have paid for wars, freeways, supporting nations that kill our military after we train them and let's not forget pay for companies like GE that paid NO TAXs in 2011....... All I want is to have medical coverage and that is fair and I earned it.


Last year GE did not pay any taxes yet they were one of the largest providers for the government and run by an Indian guy. Pretty smart and avoided paying about a $billion in tax. BP, made billions and was allowed to take the money and run. Hell they even fill supertankers in AK at the end of our pipeline and trade them in Japan, China. I thought we paid for that pipe and AK is still a state and the oil comes off federal lands.......How does that work. Am I suppose to think that GE & BP will pack up and move to China? By the way BP stands for British Petro not American Petro!!!! Who's army and government is going to watch out and defend them like we do? People this is just the stuff we see what do you think the other 498 fortune 500 are doing? Laughing at the American Sheeple.

NOTE:I saw a family the other day in a beat up minivan with 5 kids on there way to Walmart....(I will leave that alone). Nevertheless they looked like they were holding on by a thread and are getting screwed by the machine. They had a Romney & Bush stickers and I then realized that they are just Sheeple and have been brainwashed and believe in the need to give the 500 corporate welfare because they need it out they will move to China....ya sure. America is the promised land and is a corporate monster funded by the Sheeple and allowed to operate by the sheeple.

The above is just my rant and I had to share with you.

Below is a true American and a smart guy this is what he thinks:

Warren Buffett: Raising taxes on rich won't chill economy

Raising taxes on the rich won't dampen economic growth and would "raise the morale of the middle class," billionaire investor Warren Buffett told the TODAY show Tuesday.

Echoing a theme he has stressed often, Buffett downplayed the idea that higher taxes for the wealthy, as proposed by the Obama administration as part of a deal to resolve the "fiscal cliff," would scare off critical investment for job creation. Republicans argue that raising taxes on people in higher tax brackets would choke off investment and slow the economy at a time when it can ill afford it.

Buffett disagrees. "No, and I think it would have a great effect on the morale of the middle class," said Buffett, in the first of two live interviews with TODAY's Matt Lauer. "They've had to watch guys like me pay below the rate by that paid by the people in my office."

Also known as the "Oracle of Omaha" for his investing acumen, Buffett's views on the economy are widely followed, including on whether we're really going to go off the "fiscal cliff" of $500 million in tax hikes and spending cuts.

The CEO of Berkshire Hathaway has been vocal on the economy lately, proposing in a New York Times op-ed Monday that there be a minimum tax for the wealthy.

"I'm confident," said Buffet when asked about how he was feeling about the economy. "I can't speak for others, but at Berkshire Hathaway, we buy and sell stocks every day. America's a winner."

Lauer brought up a recent quote from Honeywell CEO David Cote who told Meet the Press that he and others like him were feeling a lack of confidence in the political process, so much so that the uncertainty was making them keep their money on the sidelines and preventing them from making additional investments, including hiring.

"At Berkshire Hathaway, we're investing 9 billion in plant equipment, a record, breaking last year's record. It's always uncertain," said Buffett.

"December 6th 1941 was uncertain," said Buffett, referring to the day before the attack on Pearl Harbor. "We just didn't know it."

When asked whether Congress would really enact a strong proposal such as the one Buffett made in his Times op-ed, which suggested setting a minimum 30 percent tax for millionaires, Buffet said, "I wouldn't be surprised. They're going to make a deal."

It is time to think for yourself and not be part of the problem and blind to the militery industrial complex that drives America.

resist militia :history:
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 27851254
United States
11/27/2012 05:31 PM
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Re: Think for yourself do not be a sheeple: Raising taxes on rich won't chill economy
um, how about nobody pays any taxes at all?

the money is created with a signature..they can manifest any amount they desire..theres no need for any taxes.