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New Weapon ~ No Collateral Damage

an nonymous
User ID: 67721
United States
02/01/2006 11:54 PM
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New Weapon ~ No Collateral Damage
Kill what women make,
Keep what men make.

"Issue Date: January 30-February 5, 2006, Posted On: 1/30/2006

New weapon could mean the end of collateral damage

The U.S. military has been developing a gunship that could literally obliterate enemy ground targets with a laser beam.

The military plans to test the Advanced Tactical Laser, a laser weapon mounted on a C-130H air transport that could destroy any weapon system without collateral damage.

The laser could have tremendous repercussions on the battlefield, particularly in urban warfare in such countries as Afghanistan and Iraq. "It's the kind of tool that could bring about victory within minutes," an official said.

The applications of ATL could change military dynamics on the battlefield. Officials envision the laser being able to destroy or damage targets in an urban area with virtually no collateral damage. The range of ATL was expected to be 10 miles."

[link to www.insightmag.com]
b, nli
User ID: 32487
United States
02/02/2006 12:08 PM
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Re: New Weapon ~ No Collateral Damage
Aahha' ya, ya cant aha, you cant do this, Gen.eeba corn-ventiorn