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Nice Boots Billy

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07/25/2020 07:12 AM

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Re: GLP-Jukebox

do you gave to mask up or work?
 Quoting: Nice Boots Billy

I had some nice bandanas, I could live with. But Now, as of Monday, no cloth. Surgical masks.
 Quoting: Nice Boots Billy

Hopefully you get decent ones and not crap from China or India. A decent surgical mask is easier to breathe through than a bandana..but now almost impossible to come by. Hope your employer provides.

I'm not to computer yet, still out with dogs on phone..but songs coming soon!
 Quoting: drinking buddy

The masks are provided for sure. :)
 Quoting: Nice Boots Billy

Have a great day, like I know you will. Your positivity is needed ohyeah
Music is the key

Line... through a pair of infinitely close points
Look up, not down :)
drinking buddy

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