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12/11/2020 11:56 PM

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Re: GLP-Jukebox

Blue tooth headphones? And you call yourself antitech? I am still wearing the big ear warmer headphones with a cord and I even had to check for two hours where to plug it in.. tounge
 Quoting: InterMezzo

There is a back story of course. First time in my life I have been tether free with headphones. I keep forgetting I can stand up and walk without dragging the laptop. Oh it's a real big adventure for this antitech. BIG STUFFhf
 Quoting: antitech

I hear you! I remember getting to the supermarket with my headphones, blasting AC/DC and this guy telling me: "Do you know you are dragging your computer with you?"

Since that day I only order groceries online. Saves me having to take my computer with me if I want to listen to music at the same time I am doing groceries..
 Quoting: InterMezzo

I wore this old walkman CD player with Duct tape holding the batteries in to the grocery store JUST ONCE. I was dancing and singing and paying no attention to the "food".
Too much fun to shop. music
 Quoting: antitech

I can visualize that. You grabbing a cucumber as a microphone and grabbing that old geezer who was only there to buy cigarettes and do a dirty dancing scene.. totally see it! toungehugs