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Message Subject GLP-Jukebox
Poster Handle WaitTressSandwhich
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Thank you for that! I didn't know.
 Quoting: ~Sloane~

U2 are great songwriters, tho, Sloane.

Just don't like his/their politics is all..
 Quoting: Grey Eagle

love Floyd, roger went his own way right?
 Quoting: Nice Boots Billy

Well .. Roger and Dave didn't see eye-to-eye on all their songs and lyr*cs..

Roger is driven more by a political agenda than Gilmour is/was.

Roger attracts political attention, whereas David does NOT.

The Wall was Roger's work more than Dave's.
 Quoting: Grey Eagle

Hey All! Sorry I havn't been contributing....end of the year was crazy with work and family. Now I'm home sick!

You got to admit these guys were the bomb in the 80s! I saw live in LA and it was quite a show!

However Bono did turn into a sanctimonious asshole!

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