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Message Subject The 'Two Witnesses' vs. DNA/Biotech: A Theory Like No Other!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I also think the two witness is this Rebis Figure...


I do have to run out real quick, so Im a little short on time.

Many Jewish people openly admit too that the seven branched menorah is the seven main planets back then. But youre theory on the DNA components is awesome ! it is the below to the above.

Heres a qoute

The Midrash (Bamidbar Rabbah 15:7) compares the seven lamps of the Menorah to the seven planets in the solar system, illuminating the nighttime sky. What is the meaning of this symbolism?

Many of the ancients understood that the planets and constellations influence our nature and personality traits. A person under the influence of Mars, for example, will have different traits then one under the influence of Jupiter (see Shabbat 165a). In other words, God created each of us with a unique character in order that we should perfect ourselves in the particular path that suits us. In this way, all of creation is completed; through the aggregation of all individual perfections, the universe attains overall perfection. Just as each planet symbolizes a distinct character trait, each branch of the Menorah is a metaphor for a specific category of intellectual pursuits. God prepared a path for each individual to attain wisdom according to his own character and interests.

[link to www.ravkooktorah.org]
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