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Message Subject The 'Two Witnesses' vs. DNA/Biotech: A Theory Like No Other!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Mikey, Ive had this wacked out theory just now.. Im stepping out but when I get back we will discuss the prudence card

as Above, so Below

This genetic new being.. this superman..

He will be created above, not on earth and sent here...

I had this vision...(I wrote down what I saw in a trance) I rarely post something without substantiation but anyways....

The Angels in the Whirlwind will create him... and send him here....


This sounds very Zechariah Sitchin, but...I cannot get this out of my mind...By Apollo

Hello ! I hope you all had a wonderful and ful-FILLING. Thanksgiving holiday ! We all should be five lbs heavier by now. =) Some of the alignments had some tension, but overall the joy of the season should have made for smooth sailing and shopping. Many are tight on the budget this year but its still a season of sustainance

I wanted to share with you a vision I had when driving home. The rhythm of the music I was listening to and the timing of its beats, coupled with some flashing city lights sent me into a momentary trance state that lasted a few seconds. It was a instant flashback so it didn't interfere with my driving. The vision I'm about to share with you was like something out of Zechariah Sitchin for those familiar with ancient astronaut theory and the Annunaki. But my vision is more down to earth and humane. The ones I remember came to earth to help people, not enslave them.

I remembered being a little boy of about three years of age on a house ship; a hovering ship that was either docked or hovering in one spot, in other words what we call a UFO. I was looking out the wide windows to the scene below. The house ship had oblong windows that encircled much of the curvature inside. I can hear the humming of either the engine system or the climate control of the heating and cooling system.

The infrastructure below on the ground had lit towers and it appeared to be many buildings in phases of construction admist many frames and metal beams and vehicles. Other ships were flying in and out or to and fro. What amused me most was the red and blue lights that lit up the activity. . Im sure the there was all colors of lighting but red and blue stuck out for me at the time. I was sad and bored cause I was waiting for my Father. My Father had left me on the houseship with some nannies while he visited his engineer friends . I recall many lonely and bored days on the houseship waiting for him. The house ship was not at all like the movies or star trek, The ships was decorated to be comfortable like a home with carpeting and couches. I had a room with carpeted play pods arranged like a maze in my room where I often played and feel asleep in. I liked playing hide and seek on the house ship and remembered running down the corridors or hallways till my nannies called for me or my Father came home. He seemed to be involved with a team of biologists and engineers and scientists, and we were on some sort of trip because the ship was not my usual home, That is all I recall.

The feeling I'm left with is a deep loss, and longing to remember more cause I'm actually missing someone I've never known in this life. If I was back aboard this ship, I almost feel I would know my way around and find my bedroom and dining area and recognize my Father if I saw him. The decor inside had a lot of gold and brown colors and minimal stuff . I dont recall any control panels or cockpits or pimped out electronics like they show in the movies. lol. All technology was already built into the ship as a type of A.I. system that controlled everything.

The public is currently not being told our true history on earth. As all secret societies know, the technology we have today is not new. We are simply in another repeat cycle. We once had high technology before. I have a feeling that soon our starry origins will be revealed
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