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Subject Chemtrails over Chicagoland 11-28-12 Night ops
Poster Handle uscrusader1
Post Content
An interesting Chemtrail 'night operation' occurred in Chicagoland approximately 8:00PM. Not the usual series of several east-west rows and several north-south columns.
The night operation was a simple crosshair located at the normally 'center' row and column GPS locations used in prior daylight chemtrail ops. The crosshair(horizon to horizon) moved slightly south east until the last observation at 2AM. The turbulence from 'crossing the t' deformed the first chemtrail line with a circular divit, indicating the same precise altitude.
Maybe this was a test for wind-drift? December 2/3nd we had uncharacteristic fog.

Clear skies and a full moon helped in the sighting. Airspace was cleared during the Chemtrail OP -
Chicago Airspace restriction NOTAM
11-28-12 notam
There was plenty of air traffic from OHare and Midway afterward leaving contrails that dissipated normally within minutes, the crosshair lasted over +6 hours not dispersing.

update-MODIS satellite only takes daylight pics, no chemtrails shown.
Satellite imagery will be posted if found, but my personal IR viewing of chemtrails indicates they have no IR signature.
update-GOES-EAST IR satellite pics show no chemtrails.

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