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Message Subject Chemtrails over Chicagoland 11-28-12 Night ops
Poster Handle _Obsidian_
Post Content
It was 'locked' last night because Noble was causing so much trouble. I could no longer post to it.
He was even causing trouble with the Moderators who were there to quell the situation.
The word was that it would be opened again this morning.
I think my Chemtrail post was removed. Can you see it?
 Quoting: _Obsidian_

 Quoting: uscrusader1

Ok thank you for letting me know!! :-) I saw that earlier I didn't think it could get much worse yet somehow it did. He got even nastier. I hope hes blocked for life lol
 Quoting: _Obsidian_

I'm sorry for the horrible activity on your chemtrail thread, but we were dealing with the worst poster on GLP(I've encountered), a real pro. I did not realize at the time your membership status was limiting your communication and thread control ability.
Keep up the good work, I've been perusing your other threads.
 Quoting: uscrusader1

Thank you!!! I'm glad we made it through that shit storm! I'm not new to reading threads but I am pretty new to posting things on forums and the concept of a shill is also fairly new to me. When I was simply an observer I just overlooked what I now know of as "shilly" posts. I also was guilty of giving people the benefit of the doubt because I didn't believe in real shills at first I didn't think anyone could be that deceitful and low and I figured they would leave us to it on these sites and not pay any attention to us. But I clearly had my head up my ass and am glad I don't anymore LOL

But I agree we got the worst of what I could have EVER imagined. I had a similar experience on this thread it was my first altercation I guess you'd say... on this site it was a matter of days before this blowout we just had.

Thread: The Sun Was Supposed To Set At 4:41 Central Time In Missouri, 12/18 , Still Hasn't Set At 5:01

It was the poster named Menow. He drove the op the other posters and me nuts for days. This one had a different way of going about it he was more polite but just an annoying douche who wouldn't quit lol

Not sure if you've seen that one already but watch out for him too! He changed his info at the end of the thread like this one did.

Ughhh studying these people makes me feel ill. Ignorance is bliss but I'm happy learning all I've learned from this website which is a ton!!!!! :-)

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