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heart of the earth is my safe place

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12/11/2012 05:15 AM
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heart of the earth is my safe place
There is an unknown place in Romania, a cave wich the local people (about 20 persons :)) named "salajul ingerilor" that mean cave of angels because is guarded by an angel naturaly sculpted on rock wich is visible only in a period of year, only in few days because it is formed by shadows and position of the sun. The legendary mountain was seriosly guarded by the romanian army for unknown reasons. An american sciencist discover here an extrem magnetic center of the Earth, center formed by the intersection of 5 (in total 7 in all world) bioenergetic chanels (or chakra), information publicated in a small book writed in 5000/7000 pcs ( :)) why that?!). This place for me and for another few persons wich know about it will be the safe place on december 21, and believe me, it is safe. Is a BIG tunel network under mountaines, thousands of square kilometers of places naturally ventilated where is the purest water.

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