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Front wheel drive chopper, ...

Offer Upgrade

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12/13/2012 12:14 AM
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Front wheel drive chopper, ...
would that it safer in stopping as the fat tire getting all the weight during hard braking, fish-tailing would also be w thing of the past, point and twist (throttle) steering. Mounting the gas low around the front drive tire is weight where it does some good and at 10 gallons and 3 air-ride pivot points you should be able to run the tanks dry before having to take a piss. Sitting low and behind the engine at hi-way speed is hands free steering and tablets plug right in and a functioning electric lighter.

With all the traction available a burn-out while chained to a Hummer would have the Hummer sliding all 4 wheels (drag bike tire and low range gearing)

Sizzoring in the trailing wheel in would lift the rider up higher for cruising the drive-throughs where spinning on your own wheelbase would be handy, long and low only at higher speeds.Let in hi-speed position the rider could probably stand on the seat and rife it like a skateboard (with control vis handlebars that adjust on the fly.

How far is 10 US gallons going to get me as I want to arrive in Sturgess close to empty meaning no other chopper could keep up in a non-race race.

The Full Throttle Salon should spend a few bucks and get the rights to this game and do the undates needed to on-line it and the avatars based on real visitors to the saloon.

[link to www.youtube.com]

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01/09/2013 06:24 AM
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Re: Front wheel drive chopper, ...
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...play Smiley