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2012 in a nutshell

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 887609
12/20/2012 04:38 PM
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2012 in a nutshell
Let the good Qi flow...

Now, all of history has been leading us up to this point in time and this time is of great relevance. What we enter now is our arrival sequence into the galaxy known as the milky way from our home Sagittarius.

Thousands of years ago, those that we called the gods, came to our planet with the intention of seeding this planet with their own genetic strains so that they could claim this planet upon its arrival. Problem is that more than one race of intergalactic species had this idea. As result we have what we see on the earth today. Many cultures around the world with similar creation stories, but slightly different genetics. Some we are able to see more obviously with the different races, but some are less obvious with the discovery of Rh+ and Rh- humans.

Each race, whether knowingly or not, has been placed here to represent the interests of the intergalactic species who planted them here. This is why there has always been tension between the races. We are all aspiring to acquire the same thing. Dominion over earth.

When we finally arrive, there is more than likely going to be more than one species try to contact us and claim parental rights over the planet. This will lead to the intergalactic war called Armageddon.

This is what the powers that be have been preparing for. They have sided with one race and are working diligently to suppress all other races in an attempt to claim the new world and renew it for their creators. They plan to enslave all other races and live like gods with their gods in the New World of their own creation.

Georgia Guide Stones make a lot more sense when looked at from this prospective. Even the Mayan Calendar is an artifact left behind to time our arrival.

I have mixed feelings about this information. On one hand I feel that we should band together as one and live in harmony, but on the other it is possible that harmony is not a possibility because of the vast differences between us.

As an Atlantian Rh- I wish you all good luck.