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Message Subject Sandy Hook gunman's mOther was a 'prepper' survivalist -- painting those that prep as bad!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
[link to ideas.time.com]

' We’ve been told, by a former classmate, that he was “weird.” We’ve been told, by a family friend, that he played a lot of violent video games. And we’ve also been told by such sources that he had a “developmental disorder,” that some say was Asperger’s Syndrome.

From this, a narrative has emerged of a troubled young man, induced into violence by his preferred choice of media, and failed by an inadequate mental health system. This narrative has caught on so successfully that, as of Wednesday, a Gallup poll found far more Americans believing that events like the Newtown tragedy could be avoided through increased federal spending on mental health screening and services than by banning the sale of assault weapons.

And yet, in truth, we have virtually no hard facts to back up this storyline. '
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