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Subject 26.26 Turquoise rainbow .Light back the world
Poster Handle the angel man
Post Content
Light Back the World.


For immediate action.


2.6.2006 (6th Feb 2006) 26.26 frequency

On this day, those (of your beloved) who have passed over into the Light, and the Forces of the Light, have confirmed their commitment, and their ability, to bring the Light back from there into this World. This via the gate 26.26 , and the turquoise rainbow.

You are invited to take part with them. You will be an anchor for the Light in your area of the World. May it land.

The turquoise rainbow may be seen at [link to poemsbyanangel.blogspot.com]

To affirm your commitment put ‘yes’ and your name or special name and selected place (no addresses) on this, and send it to who ever you feel may be interested, and say ‘I choose. Breath is precious.’

Look for some more changes 2.26.2006

Yes The Angel Man Tea Gardens Australia
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