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National Socialism - a responsible ideology

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 27811313
01/03/2013 02:55 AM
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National Socialism - a responsible ideology
We can already conclude that the fundamentals of the ideology remains the same. In National Socialism is the responsibility of the breed and the people number one priority. Nothing changes that. Another thing that is completely independent of age is National Socialism presence and reverence for the laws of nature. With this foundation, we adapt our ideology to the present, nation and lives. Our struggle is in an extremely critical situation in which our race for decades been inculcated in themselves not to feel any self-worth. We whipped the tolerance of abuse that systematically directly or indirectly directed against us as a people and laws are in place to curb any signs or attempted rebellion and liberation.

If you look back 10-15 years, so you could see a very different attitude towards National Socialism. Then, people were more politically correct than they are today. Just the word got people to shy away. But times change. As the social climate hardens grows even a willingness to change in strength. When it is no longer possible to ignore the downsides of the politicians so celebrated multiculturalism begins questioning people. Antithesis to the extremely self-destructive immigration policies found in National Socialism. For a critical or vulnerable situation they put their own people first. It is taking responsibility. Just as the word indicates, national socialism and a homogeneous race constitutes the nation.

We now face the truth when it is already extremely difficult for politicians to explain away all the flaws in society. The twists and turns tormented by the people soon saw through them. We are therefore a huge threat to all those who in one way or another, benefit from a system faithfully and easily raped people. We pull is not to say it for them unpleasant truth and directing light onto the hidden skeletons in the closet. National Socialism urges us to speak in a dishonest era of hypocrisy.

We stand up for the laws of nature and can already see where it's going to bark hands if we do not stop in time. We carry a huge responsibility towards future generations. Our people and the Nordic territory for millennia we called our place on the planet is being destroyed because of mass immigration and multiculturalism. We will neither economically, racially or legally manage to maintain the prosperity that we all more or less learned to take for granted.

The time is here and the choice is now. We must by nature and National Socialism statutes to step out. We must choose; responsibility. Go under or stop the madness before it's too late. I have chosen. It is time that you do it. Come with us and fight for the Free North!

[link to www.nordfront.se]